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Like his famous detective character Endeavour Morse, Shaun Evans is something of an enigma.

“It’s really proved how key the writing is to everything. In each episode, you have to create the atmosphere and someone has to die.We’re busy from May to September with this and anything else has to fit in with that.”We’re certainly getting more romance in this series than we did in the original Morse, and I ask Shaun about the kiss in the preview of the show that I saw. “She is there, but no, she doesn’t make a reappearance in that sense. We move on.”He had his own romantic entanglement with singer Andrea Corr for four years after they met on the set of the film, The Boys From County Clare. As Shaun takes care not to publicise his private life, I ask him how he now likes to spend his time off set. “And I take a lot of pictures, do a lot of writing. But I do a lot of work.”Would he like to write an episode of Endeavour? They’re too dense and it would take too long to do.”Morse does have his antsy moments. I wonder if Shaun has poured any of him his own personality into the role? Lots of luxury cars.” Morse appeared to have his head turned a little. I just thought, ‘I think I will do that.’ That’s why I feel quite lucky that it’s always been quite clear to me what I should do.”He attended St Edward’s College, a Catholic school on Merseyside, where he won a scholarship.“Well, I think he is thinking, ‘I’m suspended and I’m not going to be a policeman any more.’ He’s been shot at and stabbed. ”Shaun, who grew up in Liverpool, has Irish parents. “It was very academic, but quite musical,” he says.

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