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But, the cat is so smart, fluffy and full of character, that for her alone, I have no regrets with this one. Show starts off very promisingly, with a carefully created drama world peopled with interesting characters, and said characters are generally delivered with nuance, restraint and finesse.Unfortunately, Show makes some very odd narrative choices in its second half, which basically keeps our male lead alienated from his audience all the way through to the end.As always, I’ve also included dramas that started last year and ended this year, because I always feel like it’s fairer to judge a drama when it’s done airing. Overall, I feel like 2016 was a patchier year than 2015, but thankfully, there still were dramas this year that grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go.There aren’t as many dramas in this section as I would like, but as you’ll see later in this post, that doesn’t mean that 2016 didn’t serve up a nice handful of gems. didn’t get around to finishing some of those gems yet. This is going to be more closely monitored this year. Political posts and posts insulting other posters will be removed.Episode 1 is a bit trying with its crazy setup and persistent coincidences, but once Show settles into its rhythm, it’s gratifyingly focused on the OTP relationship and not much else.

During the middle slumpy episodes, the secondary characters helped a lot, by being more interesting and engaging than our main trio. A drama that’s filled with quirky characters who – for the most part – become more likable and endearing, the deeper we get into the show. Overhyped and full of dramatic excess while full of logic slips and inconsistencies, DOTS manages to charm in spite of itself.

Here are the ones that I did finish that I loved, and loved unreservedly. From the kids, to the parents, every character and relationship gets a moment in the spotlight, and a corresponding endearing spot in my heart.

The big winner, overall, is the community of the neighborhood, which I ended up loving even So Much Cute, seriously.

I found the initial episodes messy, and the middle episodes repetitive and therefore frustrating.

It didn’t help that I also found Jo Jung Suk’s Hwa Shin aggravating and stubborn.

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As a sweet bonus, Ji Soo is super endearing in this. A sweetly melancholic narrative with spots of laugh-out-loud comedy that’s brought to life by a tender directing hand, a lovely and evocative OST, and excellent performances by the main cast.

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