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And so, with a new winter just about ready to make its appearance, we offer a dozen films scheduled for frigid-season premieres that sound promising (or look promising - Ive taken in a few of them at advance press screenings).Its violent and its sad and he called it Nocturnal Animals.

Hopefully theyll get you in a Jimmy Kimmel, red-carpet mood for Sunday night. In one of the unlikelier circumstances attached to an extremely unlikely movie, the title character of John Wick: Chapter 2, played with little range but lots of athleticism by Keanu Reeves, is summoned from retirement to make good on an old blood oath and function again as a hit man.For Midwesterners, summer means more sun, more leisure time - and more movie debuts. Gifted refers to 10-year-old Mckenna Graces character, Mary, in the new dramedy directed by Marc Webb from a Tom Flynn script.Following are 20 films scheduled for release between Memorial Day weekend (in one case, the Thursday preceding that weekend) and mid-August. That word could be applied to the diminutive actress as well, for Grace definitely steals the show with perhaps the best performance by a preteen Ive seen as a movie reviewer.Dunkirk, being shown in 70mm prints in relatively few venues across the country - among them Waukeshas Marcus Majestic Cinema - begins with a simple declarative sentence displayed onscreen: The enemy have driven the British and French armies to the sea. Just as his bill to benefit the mentally ill is about to be voted upon in Congress - in the midst of his campaign for governor - an epic family crisis occurs.Having watched an enticing movie trailer, read an impressive resume of the movies writer-director, once seen an excellent one-woman play starring legendary Julie Harris as The Belle of Amherst and developed over the years a great respect for that belle In the fifth installment of the movie series stemming from a Disneyland ride, unsavory Salazar and fellow escapees from the Devils Triangle - ghost sailors - aim to liquidate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), captain of the appropriately named Dying Gull, and Sparrows fellow pirates. A teacher friend used to veto certain student-proposed term paper topics, reasoning that in his long career hed already encountered every possible argument both for and against, say, capital punishment.

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Writer-director Sean Bakers film offers a rather jaded perspective on the amusement mecca. Shot might be the shortest-titled movie of 2017, but that isnt its only distinction.

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