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We watched the Martin Scorsese documentary on George Harrison, and in it they ask Harrison’s wife what the secret to a long and successful marriage is, and she just looked at the camera and was like, “Well, just don’t get divorced.” It’s as simple as that, and everything else you kind of just make up as you go. Don’t stop writing – you have to keep writing and you have to keep playing.I feel like that’s been a little bit of the formula for our success – just don’t break up. You have to keep going deeper into who you are and you inevitably find your voice. You inevitably find somebody who believes in you enough to give you money."We were carving our own path." The Fray’s mission to stay true while still succeeding is a theme that applies to college kids as well. “Even if you get everything you want, you still have to figure out why you are here and who you are.No amount of Jack Daniels, hedge-fund profit, insane amounts of applause will make those questions go away,” Slade answers.You can have an identical twin and you’ll still be radically different. But you know, we’ve heard the phrase “How To Save A Life 2” thrown around a lot and we’ve had to resist that.There’s a whole new regime at the label and it’s a completely different vibe, we’ve found. It’s been a perfect mix of pop and art and that’s been the best to relate to on another level with her and just have a good time with very real people.

But if we had any pressure, it was from that old stuff that was fearful of any change where you would lose everybody and the safest thing to do would be to, you know, Nickelback-it. Yeah, actually, some of the best advice I ever got on my marriage related to my band a lot, too.“I’m proud that overall we still have that kind of Milky Way arc of the same music from when we were 19 years old.” The Fray's sound changed a lot, as a result of his educational growth."Radiohead turned into Coldplay, between the Killers and Snow Patrol, into whatever," comments Slade.I went up to a cabin in the hills in Colorado and I brought all of my journals from like, second grade.I was just up there reading through them and trying to remember who the hell I was back then and there were like, five main relationships kind of over the years.

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Slade’s inspiration dawns from a long list of sources. “I’ve been standing up more to engage as front man, instead of a guy behind the piano,” Slade says.

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