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Following in her actress sister Danielle Panabaker’s footsteps, she began performing on stage at an early age.However, she preceded her sister in making her big screen debut, providing additional voices in 2001’s ‘Monster Inc.’.Kay, 18, recently wrote in her My Space confirming that she does not Twitter, saying, “There has been some talk about Twitter. I do not have one, nor do I have any interest in getting one. But it was beautiful and such a wonderful experience. I cried when we wrapped in LA and I cried when we wrapped in NY.I have a difficult time keeping up with my day to day business that trying to keep other people updated on my life would be impossible. This person has fooled even friends of mine, so I don’t doubt they are convincing. I still see a lot of the cast, but not the crew as much.

She spent most of her childhood days with her sister Danielle Panabaker.

Also, I did have an address where fan mail was sent and I would read and respond.

Kay Panabaker, the stunning star of "No Ordinary Family," has a confession, albeit not that surprising for most 20-year-olds: She'd much rather sleep-in than exercise!

If I do end up getting a Twitter or anything that would give you guys more access to me, I will of course notify you. Some of the cast (myself included) will have to go back to NY in the next couple months to shoot some more scenes.

“One question I keep hearing from you guys is who my character is.

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