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“At the same time I was also producing James Jagger [son of Mick] in a production at the King’s Head in Islington. Ronnie’s response was that actually, it was a knife. ” she exclaims, taking me over to one of the many refrigerators in the house. “When I was on tour with Ronnie I spent a lot of time in hotels, talking to the chocolatiers who would leave these incredible confectionery creations – a giant pair of lips, a big record – in the rooms. Do they sit around like Tom and Barbara in The Good Life, growing wisteria and baking? Even with Jagger I go, 'Let’s go and watch House of Cards.’ And he told us about Game of Thrones.So there was a sort of crossover.” Wood was still married to his second wife, Jo, at the time and then, in 2008, Wood was no longer married to Jo, but cavorting very publicly with waitresses and shop assistants and wannabe actresses, much to the horror of his children (Ronnie has three children: Tyrone and Leah with Jo, and son Jesse, with his first wife, the late Krissy Findlay). But he went in to rehab in 2010 (for the eighth time) and has been sober ever since. I learnt how to do it and decided to launch some Shakespeare-themed chocolates.” All the bars are named after the Bard’s leading ladies – Juliet, Ophelia, Lady Macbeth. Their home bears all the hallmarks of being lived in by a pensioner who also happens to be in a rock band – there is a drum kit in the living room, ashtrays, fag packets and lighters everywhere, not to mention platinum discs. “You wake up every night about 9pm, just at the time when you would be going on stage. ” “We love things like Broadchurch and Happy Valley,” adds Sally. ” beams Ronnie “And Orange Is the New Black.” “Ah, we love that! We had to send someone out at four in the morning when we were in Shanghai to get us the next series.” Breaking Bad, says Ronnie, “is the best”.” They first met just over a decade ago, when Sally was working at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. At no point, years ago, did I say to myself: 'I think I’ll go out with someone twice my age’, but that is what has happened.” They were married a year and a half ago, in a ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel. Even Jo likes her replacement so much that she wishes they had got together sooner. She is credited with being – quite literally – a sobering influence on Ronnie.

He’s got a lot of friends that are older who have younger children and they all say it’s fantastic and it keeps you young.Ronnie Wood pokes his head over the first floor balcony of his west London home and shouts down to the garden. ” he asks his wife, motioning to the vines that are, in common with most things, at least twice his height.There is a fag dangling out of the corner of the 67-year-old’s mouth, and his shirt is hanging open to reveal a surprisingly youthful and sculpted chest. ” Wood is trailing green string up the side of his giant house, trying to tempt the wisteria all the way to the top.SHE married into rock royalty and dominated celeb columns for years alongside Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.But Jo Wood has been forging an independent lifestyle since splitting from her rocker ex, and now she'll need to use all her experience to fend for herself on Celebrity Island 2018 - here's all you need to know...

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