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And that we should be able to understand that we come second."So breaking up with the 14-time All-Star didn't put her off of famous, ambitious guys, nor did her most high-profile relationship to date snap her streak of moving on with utmost discretion.It would've been her prerogative to give a big post-split, "I'm fine now! Splash News Now a full-fledged Captain in the Marvel Universe, Evans popped back into the picture in late 2012—and he stayed there for another year, before busyness once again prompted an undramatic split in 2013."I think if they're paying attention, that must mean there's something [I'm doing right].""Look, if it's true and it's out, then it's true and it's out," Kelly added."When it's not true and it's out, it's really frustrating.

On the flip side, almost as though they're living up to their end of the bargain, no guy has ever spilled the beans about Kelly, either. But while the red-carpet-couple life hasn't been her thing, it's not as though she doesn't go out in public on dates as she pleases.

It wasn't shocking in hindsight when they broke up for good in 2011, as they were based in different states and Jeter's career was priority No.

1 (he put off even getting engaged to Hannah Davis until after he retired in 2014), but apparently Kelly was a little blindsided after they had maintained a steady off-and-back-on status for more than three years.

But no muss, no fuss on the surface."They kept their relationship very, very quiet—there are no rumors of cheating, nothing," a source told E! "And Minka is handling this the way she handles everything. I really believe that our careers are our first loves.

She's a down-to-earth, real person, a sweetheart, and this took her by surprise."She must have also found Jeter's eye-on-the-prize attitude to be most attractive, having told in 2009, "A man has to be passionate about something. And I think a career should be as important for him as it is for me.

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Not a word from Kelly."Minka told a couple friends that she and John had broken up but she really didn't want to tell anyone," a source told Splash News Not an actor or singer, but easily one of the biggest sports stars in the world and perhaps the sporting world's most endearing bachelor.

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