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Notorious for her flesh-baring image and sexually explicit lyrics, Lil' Kim shot to fame in the latter half of the 1990s.

But behind her spike-heeled “gangsta porno rap” ferocity lay a conflicted, vulnerable side of her character.

She was discovered by Christopher Wallace, aka the Notorious B. G., who turned her into a star and became her lover before he was murdered in 1997 — a crime that has never been solved.

Kim was devastated by Wallace’s death, but eventually continued to forge a successful career.

She had jobs working in department stores (following in the footsteps of her mom, who worked at Macy’s), and ran errands for drug dealers.

She has said that she did “whatever it took” to make ends meet during this period.

Since regaining her freedom, Kim has continued to be active musically — and also as a reality-TV star — and in June 2014 became a mother to a daughter, Royal Reign, whose father is the Honduras-born rapper Mr. Her parents, Ruby Mae Jones and Linwood Jones, both hailed from Trinidad. As a child, Kim was sent to a well-regarded Catholic school — Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn — in an attempt to provide a stable learning environment.

But stability was in short supply after her parents’ marriage crumbled when Kim was eight years old.

She struggled to move on, revealing to Newsweek three years after Wallace’s death that she still kept some of his ashes in an urn at her home in New Jersey.Linwood, a former military man, had reportedly become physically abusive towards his wife — Kim told the Washington Post in 2000 that she remembered her mom having black eyes, and that “my father told people she had fallen.” (Linwood has never responded publicly to Kim’s allegations.)Kim moved with her mother and brother to suburban New Rochelle, NY, where some of the girls in their new, all-white neighborhood teased Kim about her skin color.But Ruby Mae struggled for money and, unable to support her family, eventually granted Linwood custody of their two children.Lil' Kim — so called because of her diminutive 4-foot- 11-inch stature — became its only female member. By now Kim’s image was causing as much of a stir as her fearlessly promiscuous music.She had changed her appearance dramatically — with breast implants, blonde wigs and blue-eyed contact lenses.

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Like its two predecessors, the album was also certified platinum.

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