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Do meat eaters really hold the belief that the cruelty, suffering and pain inflicted upon animals by the factory farming industry is justified by a desire to eat meat? I think the majority of people just avoid facing and admitting the truth.

There's a reason slaughter houses don't have windows.

movie, three of the franchise's stars reunited for a spellbinding Instagram pic.

The magic moment came on Monday when Tom Felton shared an adorable pic with Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom.

And it is amazing just how different things look when you are able to lift the veil and stare the truth in the face. So why do people get so angry and hateful towards vegans? I recall the times that I met vegans and vegetarians. I always respected their opinions and was interested in the decision they had made.

The thing is this: if it were the case that we had to farm animals on this industrial scale to survive, I can understand people not wanting to be reminded of where their food comes from; no one wants to be continually reminded of a necessary evil, right? Why is it that people are so anti those trying to reduce suffering, pain and destruction in the world? However, it was completely contrary to what I was being taught, especially being heavily involved in sport.

Apparently, the new addition to the Central City Police Department is suspicious of his superhero coworker! But, we don't know yet if Julian will be a bad guy like Draco Malfoy!

"Trying to take pictures with my incredibly mature boyfriend @officialandel in case you thought he was attractive, this is the expression I have to look upon 90% of the time. It's nice being with someone who respects the arts so we talk about everything together."The couple was still together in 2015, but their relationship status is currently unknown.

They're really happy with each other and see each other whenever Emma does not have work commitments."But according to multiple reports, the couple has called it quits. Benett/Dave Benett/ Getty Imagesfor Lacoste Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom is engaged to Angela Jones. Instagram Tom Felton had been in a relationship with Jade Olivia since 2008, but the couple reportedly split in 2016. spotted Tom spending time with someone new, but nothing has been confirmed.

The actor's rep confirmed the engagement news to E! , is currently in a relationship with singer-songwriter An Del.

] Following the jokes about the reality TV star looking like him with her new hair color, Tom spent a night out with his old Kim Kardashian has been compared to a TON of fictional characters ever since she debuted her new platinum look on Thursday! Tom Felton hopped aboard the If you saw Donald Trump's statement today trying to do damage control after Monday's #Treason Summit debacle, you probably saw a man reading off a script like a teenager being forced to apologize. But there was more to see if you knew where to look...

While the comparisons to Legolas and Daenerys Targaryen were totally on point, the meme that wins at life is the one comparing Kimmy to Draco Malfoy! Oh, and immediately contradicting those remarks and doubling down on his lack of faith in U. Video: Late Night Hosts Sound Off On Trump's AWFUL Meeting With Putin See, Trump wrote some notes of his own in the margins of the script prepared for him by advisers -- and they're more telling than his botched backtrack!

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There is a reason that for so many years, until the power of social media began to remove the veil, that the abuse, which is perpetrated daily on a massive scale, was largely hidden from the public.

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