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From this, you can see the locals' affection on this charming city. C.), it was the land of the State of Chu (one of the seven warring states before Qin, in the country's first feudal dynasty) and was the cradle of the brilliant Chu Civilization.Pictures Map Wuhan is a city with both an ancient history and a thriving present. Starting here, merchants followed the great Yangtze River and lake network to expand businesses throughout the entire country.Historic relics excavated from ancient tombs tell the city's long history dating back 3,500 years. In the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), Hankou became one of the four best-known towns in the country.For centuries, Wuhan has been the center of trade and transportation in central China.

Street stalls in Hu Bu Xiang support the local habit of Guo Zao (having breakfast at street stalls with their cheap tasty food and vendors' skillful performance).

Hubei Cuisine Featured Snacks Western Style Food Time-honored Han Zheng Street and the bustling walking street near Hanjiang Road are two choices for shopping lovers in Wuhan.

Comb through dazzling shops housed in traditional Chinese buildings and find special gifts for friends and family.

The classic poems and inscriptions on the tower, (although unrecognizable to most Westerners) can inspire your spirit as you pretend to be a poet with a bird's-eye view of the river from the tower window.

In addition, the famous Villa of Chairman Mao Zedong on the scenic bank of East Lake, Wuchang, is an ideal place for Westerns to learn more about him.

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72 hours visa-free transit policy has been implemented at Tianhe International Airport since May 1, 2015.

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