Xp mapped network drives not updating

In my Batch file I have the following: REM Connect VPN here...REM Opens an Explorer window looking at T: forcing a reconnect Start /min explorer t:\ timeout 3 /nobreak REM Kill all Explorer windows beginning with "T_drive" in the title Taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq T_drive*" REM Finish starting up here... Status Local Remote Network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disconnected H: \xxxxxx\wfaulk Microsoft Windows Network OK \xxxxxxx\business Microsoft Windows Network The command completed successfully. Status Local Remote Network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK H: \xxxxxx\wfaulk Microsoft Windows Network OK \xxxxxxx\business Microsoft Windows Network The command completed successfully.I created a batch file, wake_network_drives.bat, with these two lines: I ran into a related problem while creating a nightly backup script.It had to check if a computer was turned on (using ping), send a magic packet to turn it on if needed (using MC-WOL), wait for Windows to boot, then establish a connection to an SMB share and wait for it to be present. Here's a chunk of code that may be helpful to you: set TARGET_IP= set TARGET_PATH=\%TARGET_IP%\d$\backups set ATTEMPTS=0 : LOOP REM Give up eventually if %ATTEMPTS% GEQ 200 goto NOJOY REM Wait for IP connectivity to host, and/or burn up a couple seconds before retry ping -n 1 -w 2000 %TARGET_IP% | find "TTL" is needed in case no existing connection is present.

I have the same problem with multiple connections, and it's intermittent.Fortunately XP computers don't need the launchapp hack, so my company made a modified version of launchapp that tries to do things the Vista way, but if that fails (because you're running XP), it just launches the real logon script straightaway.I can’t share this with you as it’s internal to my company (has real server names etc.) but it wasn’t too hard to do.When I reboot the computer, sometimes the connection is "good" and sometimes not.I don't have the password problem since I'm on a company LAN, but still I have the other aspect of the problem.

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I've created a batch file called ex.bat, and stored it (along with many other things) in a \util directory that I put in my path.

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