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Since 2005, Zoe sadly hasn’t got back in touch with me, but has in her possession some goodies from the SOENISC which I sent her in an attempt to get her in as club president of SOENISC. Someday I hope to have Zoe Salmon at a SOENISC meeting, holding our club fleg and dressed in a Northern Ireland football shirt.I’ll keep plugging away, Zoe now works on another gameshow on CBBC as well as doing loads and loads of stuff for charity and special events.Then I was getting drunk in Bangor in the year 2000 down by the pier in what was in those days at least “Party On The Pier.” It was an organised music and alcohol one night festival down by Bangor’s Seafront, with nightclub, The Boom Boom Room the organisers.

In a rare (Middle classly Protestant) baby boom, the area I grew up in was hugely populated with kids at the time, and as such my primary school was the largest in terms of pupils in the entire United Kingdom at one point. Although not quite as good as being able to say I went to school with Zoe Salmon.

It’s unlikely Zoe Salmon will remember me, our school was pretty big and I was just another boy with a yo-yo running around the playground…

At primary school Zoe was naturally a pretty girl and in P7 she sat on the banks opposite the Silverbirch Road in Bangor watching us boys play a 35 minute lunchtime football match which was our World Cup of a kind.

The conversation with Zoe was great, she spoke enthusiastically and she was happy to speak, I think she may have been doing modelling with Kylie Dunlop around the same time – Kylie lived across the street.

Zoe looked gorgeous and I didn’t even flirt with her or anything like that, who knows if she’d have even been up for anything at the time…I’ll never know, it’s mine to dwell.

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